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Services, Specialties and Fees


Staff training, curriculum development and organization development:


  • Assist in developing collaborations between community organizations to improve service delivery.

  • Design, develop, and facilitate groups for adult, young or adolescence males.

  • Design, develop, and implement training and/or workshops for professionals working with Communities of color.

  • Created, developed and implemented action plans to change systems that negatively affect Survivors/victims of sex trafficking 

  • Provided support services, case management, crisis intervention and resources.

  • Male Trauma

  • Developing urban sensitive programming

  • Culturally sensitive trauma informed approaches

  • Working with African American men & young people.

  • Survivors/victims of sex trafficking 

Training and Workshop Topics:
  • Engaging communities of color

  • Culturally sensitive trauma informed approaches

  • Racial Parallel Trauma: staff diversity and self care

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and Historical Trauma

  • Systems change and sex trafficking for women of color

  • Trauma Across Generations: African American Historical Trauma

  • Beyond the baby daddy: African American Fathers and Trauma

  • Trauma Across Generations: Historical Trauma in the African American Community

  • Trauma Across Generations: The impact of historical trauma on substance use disorders and African Americans

Service Fees:
  • Keynote: $3500 to $7500 plus any travel expenses

  • Training and/or workshops: $1500 to $3500 plus any travel expenses

  • Consulting Services: $300 to $500 an hour

Contact us

P.O. Box 6120

Minneapolis, MN 55406-9998 

PHONE: 612-721-0106

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