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For over 30 years our work has involved practical culturally sensitive trauma informed approaches that focus on ways to assist individuals and organizations working in the African American community as well as, communities of color leading to improve outcomes. By providing unique and innovative culturally specific and homogenous materials and services to promote self improvement, empowerment, healing and hope the communities being serviced. And build collaborations with likely and unlikely partners to challenge systems and institutions both inside and out of communities of color that create barriers to healing and empowerment to achieve healthy violence-free lives.

We have established a working relationship with community, county, state and both profit and nonprofit organizations around the country. We are commitment to helping organizations and communities help themselves by supporting a way of thinking that leads to self awareness, healing and peace. We are respected for our holistic and non-judgmental manner of working with individuals and organizations from all walks of life. 

Mission and Goals

The mission is to assist individuals, organizations and communities in identify resolutions and make adjustment to address concerns which may adversely affect productivity and happiness.


  • To provide services in a basic, direct, unpretentious, frank, honest, uniquely confidential and non-judgmental manner to individuals, organizations and communities.


  • To assist individuals, organizations and communities in make the necessary adjustments to overcome beliefs and behaviors that act as self-imposed barriers to contemplating and making change. 


  • To collaborate with existing agencies & organizations whose mission is to support the efforts of families & communities to create environments where all family members can thrive.




Contact us

3033 27th Ave S

P.O. Box 6120

Minneapolis, MN 55406-9998 

PHONE: 612-721-0106 

"What’s Going On" - Doc Powell - 97th and Columbus

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