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Past Awardees


2023 Seventeenth annual awardees were:

  • John Turnipseed Mentor Award: Andre Dukes

  • Young Leader Award: Mark Yusuf Dweh

  • Partner Award: Kimberly Spates

  • Alice O. Lynch Community Service Award: Dr. Delores Henderson

  • James E. Bransford Community Service Award: Brian Herron

  • Social Justice Award: Tayo Daniel and Georgia Fort 

SOB 2022.png

2022 Sixteenth Annual Awardees were:

  • Young Leader - Jerome Treadwell

  • Mentor Award - Adrian Mack

  • Partner Award - Ayolanda Mack

  • James E. Bransford Community Service Award - Lou Bellamy

  • Historian Award  - Dr. Josie Johnson

  • Educator Award - Jonathan Lofgren

  • Alice O. Lynch Community Service Award - Mary K. Murray Boyd

  • Unsung Leader Award - Walter “Q Bear” Banks

  • Social Justice Award - Traci Bransford


SOB 2022 - 2.png
15th SOB 2.png

2021 fifteenth Annual Awardees were:

* Mentor: Coach Mckenzie

* Mentor: Brother Shane Price

* Young Leader: Darnella Frazier

* Partner Award: Kelis Houston

* Alice O. Lynch Community Service 

  Award: Ms. Jacklyn Milton 

* James E. Bransford Community            Service Award: Jerry Blackwell

* Unsung Leader Award: Curtis Marshall

* Law and Justice Award: Attorney                General Keith Ellison

15th SOB.png

2019 Fourteenth annual awardees were:

* Elder:  Brody Burton

* Mentor: Kory Dean

* Mentor: William R. Moore

* Young Leader: Aasia-Mari Ross

* Partner Award: Tabitha Grier-Reed

* Alice O. Lynch Community Service 

  Award: Rev. Paula A. Haywood

* Community Legacy Award:

Deborah Watts, Emmett Till Legacy

2018 Thirteenth Annual Awardees were:

* Elder:  Melvin W. Carter Jr.

* Mentor: Resmaa Menakem

* Young Leader: Leslie (Badue) Redmond

* BeMore Leader Award: Willie J. Roller III

* Partner Award: Aledria "Lee" Buckley

* Alice O. Lynch Community Service 

  Award: Gloria Roach-Thomas  

* Unsung Leader Award: Reg Chapman

2017 Twelfth  annual awardees were:

* Elder:  Otis Zanders

* Mentor: Jamil Jackson

* Young Leader: Donyea Finish

* BeMore Leader Award: Elijah 


* Partner Award: Alice Lynch

* Law and Justice Award: Judge

  Pamela G. Alexander

* Community Leadership

  Award: Jason Sole

2016 Eleventh annual awardees were:

* Elder:  Pete Rhodes

* Mentor: Kirk Washington Jr

* Young Leader: Raymond Blackledge

* BeMore Leader Award: Brandon Jones

* Partner Award: Stella Whitney-West

* Leadership Award: Rena Moran, MN State Rep.

* Community Service Award: Turning Point's 40

   years of service to the African American community

   (Dr. Peter Hayden)

2015 Tenth annual awardees were:

* Elder:  William Green

* Mentor: Dr. Keith Brooks

* Young Leader: Christopher Henagin

* BeMore Youth Leader Award: Xavier


* Law and Justice Award: Judge Tanya

   Bransford, the first female awardee.

2014 Ninth annual awardees were:

* Elder:  Vincent DeLusia

* Mentor: Dorsey Howard Jr

* Mentor: Manu Lewis

* Young Leader: Desmond Grady

* Leadership Award: Jeffery D. Hayden

* Educator Award: Stanley J. Hatcher

* BeMore Youth Leader Award: Sedrique


2013 Eighth annual awardees were:

* Elder:  Henry Combs

* Mentor: Reverend Michael Pugh

* Mentor: Willie D. Wallace

* Young Leader: Keith K. Mensah

* Unsung Leader Award: Shawn Lewis

* BeMore Youth Leader Award: Cory Kemp


2012 Seventh annual awardees were:

* Elder:  Dr. Charles Crutchfield

* Mentor: Victor "Vick" Walker

* Mentor: Charles Hallman

* Young Leader: Trumanue Lindsey

* Educator Award: Gevonee Ford

* BeMore Youth Leader Award: Akeem J. Roller

2011 Sixth annual awardees were:

* Elder:  Lee Roy Hawkins

* Mentor: Jamal Abdur Salaam 

* Young Leader: Charles Caine

* Service Award: 89.9 KMOJ FM 

2010 Fifth annual awardees were:

* Mentor (Older Man): Reggie Worlds

* Mentor (Older Man): Jack Strawder

* Young Leader (Young Man): Charles Helm 

2009 Fourth annual awardees were:

* Elder: Milford E. Johnson (Brother Milford)

* Mentor (Older Man): John Turnipseed

* Young Leader (Young Man): Reuben Thompson-Amarteifio

* Historian Award: Professor Mahmoud El Kati

johnny picture 2.jpg

2008 the Third annual awardees were:

* Elder: Matthew Little

* Older Man: Clarence Jones

* Young Man: Melvin W. Carter III 


2007 Second annual awardees were:

Elder: Kwame McDonald

Older Man: Gary Cunningham

Young Man: Eric Mahmoud

Founders Award: Terry Wilson, whom had past in 2006, to him as one of the original founders of 100 men take a stand for domestic peace.

2006 the first was our namesake:  

Jim Bransford

Mr. Jim Bransford is the embodiment of resiliency, tenacity and love for family and the community. He is truly a man who walks the walk and does not just talk the talk. 

Original S.O.B.s

* Antar Saleem 

* Clarence Jones

* Farris Glover

* James (Martin) Muhammad

* Larry Whitaker-Carter

* Resma Menakem

Original S.O.B.s

* Sam Simmons

* Thomas Powell

* Thornton (TJ) Jones

* Warren Edwards

* Wayne Hunter

* Winfred Payne 

”…..As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence… When the best leader's work is done the people say, "We did it ourselves!" - Lao-tsu

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