Past Conferences

Unthinkable - Damien Escobar

From the 1st annual conference held in 2009, the conference provides an opportunity for meaningful community engagement and access to national and local educators, and community practitioners to discuss and introduce practical culturally sensitive trauma informed, outcome driven methods and services. The overall goal is to improve the health and wellness of African American men and their families, resulting in the larger community becoming healthier and safer. We realize that a stronger, thriving African American community improves the health of the community and the society as a whole.

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"Intersections of Community Health".

In the face of Covid 19 and the state of community policing, The objective was to take a deeper look at issues like racial trauma, domestic violence, healthcare, policing and their relationship to community health. The conference also explored strategies that will lead to community empowerment and healing.


SANKOFA “it is this wisdom in learning from the past which ensures a strong future. “

The goal was to examine the past 10 years of affords to prevent community trauma and possible strategies to build resilience and a future of healing.


"The family is the root to a healthy community"

The goal was to examine the link between intergenerational trauma and the African American family and community health challenges. Also, explored the link between resiliency and protective factors that lead to community healing and health.



“The Colors of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) from Racial Trauma to Healing”

The goal was to go beyond the ACE Study, focusing on deeper issues of racial trauma and successful strategies for helping individuals and African American community heal, build resiliency, and prevent future ACEs.


Community Healing:

“Standing up for the Children”.

The goal was to create an environment for effective collaboration of those who are committed to promoting the healthy development of African American children and  the future of the community.



“Addressing Gender Issues in the African American Community”

With an increase awareness of the historical trauma its link to current Gender Issues in the African American Community and how to use this awareness to promote improve collaboration, outcomes and sustainable change. 


Shifting the Paradigm:

A Focus on African American Trauma “A public health issue” 

A public health issue” The focus was on culturally sensitive trauma-informed models to prevent disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts to informed choices of organizations, communities, practitioners and individuals.


Healing the Village

Increase the awareness of the link between intergenerational and historical trauma and disparities in the community and how to use this awareness to promote collaboration, sustainable change and community empowerment.


Compassionate Accountability

With an increase awareness of the historical trauma its link to current issues, the need for compassionate accountability approach is the key to improve collaboration, outcomes and healing.


Wellness and Accountability

The importance of clinicians, African American men and the community being aware of the historical trauma to promote wellness and accountability.


Call to Action  

The call to identify and develop possible culturally competent trauma informed strategies to address physical and emotional health disparities.


Black Men Healing

Why it’s important to allow black men to heal from past pain and trauma is a pathway to community empowerment and healing.